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employee productivity

Customers feel

more valued

Reduces workforce stress

Keeps employees on-site

 Benefits of an OFFICE COFFEE



Our Coffee + More service makes life easier in more ways than one – like saving you money.


workforce morale

Cost savings on equipment and maintenance

Burch Food Services is proud to partner with John Conti Coffee Co. to provide small-batch, artisan-roasted coffee crafted in Kentucky. With nearly three-quarters of America’s workforce drinking at least two cups of coffee a day, implementing a comprehensive coffee program in the workplace is a necessity. Our office coffee service is a way for employers to enhance the overall employee experience, bolster collaboration, keep your team energized and ultimately boost productivity.

Office Coffee

Tea Program

Four in five consumers enjoy tea, with Americans drinking about 84 billion servings a year. That’s why Burch is proud to offer a variety of both hot and cold teas for office breakrooms, including nationally recognized Contea from John Conti Coffee Co. Every batch is carefully steeped to bring out the best possible taste, using the finest black tea leaves from Anhui, China – from herbal teas like mint medley to Earl Grey to iced sweet tea.

Did you know that dehydration is the most common cause of lowered productivity throughout the workday?


One of the most basic components of a balanced diet is also one of the simplest: water. It’s estimated that water makes up approximately two-thirds of the human body and that we should drink anywhere from six to eight glasses a day. Help your workforce make better choices today at a fraction of the cost of bottled alternatives. We can help you select the filtered water solution that’s right for your organization.

Water Program

Providing customized breakroom solutions and working with special requests is what we do best. And that includes pantry provisions such as paper and plastic dishware, paper towels, bathroom tissue and janitorial supplies. We can take care of those everyday essentials so you can focus on what’s most important: your business.

Pantry Provisions

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 Benefits of an Office Coffee  program


Our Coffee + More service makes life easier in more ways than one – like saving you money.

  • Customers feel more valued
  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Cost savings on equipment and maintenance
  • Reduces workforce stress
  • Improves workforce morale
  • Keeps employees on-site

 Benefits of an Office Coffee program


Our Coffee + More service makes life easier in more ways than one – like saving you money.