Everyone has ups and downs when it comes to their work. But if you feel like you’ve been dragging recently, making some quick additions to your diet might be just the boost you need to get back on track. Check out our top three favorite “superfoods” to help you stay energized and focused in the workplace:


Not only does green tea provide powerful antioxidants, it’s also a natural energy booster without negative side effects.


The caffeine in dark chocolate comes in handy for feeling more energetic, and it can help you focus as well. Plus, it contains magnesium, a natural stress reliever.


Grab a banana to get your daily dose of energy-enhancing glucose without unneeded carbs. It’ll fill you up as a snack between meals, helping you concentrate on your work instead of your next meal.

And the very best part of these productivity-boosting foods: You can find all three in your Burch Micro-Market.

Source. INC.com