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3 easy ways to keep employees hydrated this summer

Designer Creative - Wednesday, August 01, 2018


As the temperature creeps up, you may notice employees becoming uncharacteristically lethargic and less productive. There could be a simple cause: dehydration.


Dehydration means the body is low on water. The best way to avoid getting dehydrated is by consuming plenty of fluids – six to eight glasses a day. Here are some strategies for keeping employees hydrated.


1) Make water easy to access.


The watercooler has become a workplace staple for one simple reason: It keeps employees productive. Plus, gathering around the cooler can strengthen employee relationships and create a cohesive work environment. Learn more about bringing a water program to your organization. 


2) Offer fruits and veggies on-site.


Most vegetables and fruits are more than 80 percent water. Even if employees aren’t fond of plain old H2O, they can stay hydrated by munching on these healthy options. As a bonus, the nutrients in fruits and veggies promote employee health and may lower insurance costs. Find out how to bring fruits and veggies to your breakroom.


3) Keep sports drinks stocked.


As employees sweat on hot days, they lose sodium, potassium and chloride. This makes it hard for the body to function properly and for employees to maintain optimal productivity. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade replenish electrolytes to keep employees alert and energized. Stock sports drinks in your organization’s breakroom to keep your team energized and healthy. 


If you’re interested in keeping employees productive, schedule a Micro-Market demo to find out how easy it can be. 


How a wellness program can lower absenteeism

Designer Creative - Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The U.S. Dept. of Labor estimates that on any given day, three percent of an employer’s workforce is absent. It comes at a high price – about 21% of total payroll each year – and the affect is even greater when taking into account lost productivity, decreased morale and temporary labor costs.


Topping the list of reasons why employees miss work is illness. From seasonal viruses to chronic diseases, employee health takes a major toll on missed work. But there is something you can do to combat it. Workplace wellness programs have been shown to reduce absenteeism for a variety of reasons, including:


    • - Lowering stress among workers
        • - Promoting positive, long-term health behaviors
          • - Controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels
    • - Decreasing obesity
    All of that leads to a healthier workforce, and ultimately, fewer sick days. Burch Food Services partners with organizations to promote wellness programs through healthy break room food service solutions. Explore what that could mean for your business: http://www.burchfood.com/wellness.html


    3 reasons a breakroom food service program is great for employees

    Designer Creative - Saturday, February 24, 2018

    It’s late in the evening. Your stomach is growling, and a project deadline is fast approaching. You could possibly step away for a few minutes, but running out for fast food and dealing with traffic isn’t viable.


    Your only option is to power through until you finish, knowing your focus and quality of work will be lower than usual.


    Unfortunately, this scenario can be a real-life dilemma for many employees. And those who frequently work long or extra hours without compensation can develop employee burnout. According to Kronos Inc., 95% of human resource leaders surveyed said employee burnout is destroying workforce retention.*


    An easy solution for keeping employees motivated, even during the busy season, is a breakroom food service program.


    Increase morale
    In a survey of full-time professionals conducted by Seamless, 57 percent** said they would feel more appreciated by their employers if they had food-based perks. That doesn’t necessarily mean food should be free. Simply giving your workforce easy access to a range of high-quality snacks and beverages can make a substantial difference in their moods. Plus, your workforce is more likely to stay on-site during lunch breaks if they have access to a variety of food options.


    Build internal relations
    In the same Seamless survey, one out of every two participants said that sharing a meal with another staff member fosters better working relationships.** When employees feel comfortable communicating with each other, they find work more relaxing and beneficial. Stocked breakrooms encourage conversation, breaking down barriers that might stall productivity.


    Improve employee retention

    According to Forbes, employees who are happy and have good relationships in the workplace are less likely to jump ship – saving you money trying to find and train replacements.*** In fact, in the Seamless survey, 41 percent said that food perks with their current employer would deter them from accepting an offer from another company.**


    Opting for a food service program in your organization’s breakroom is an excellent way to thank your workforce for their dedication and to convince new employees that it’s worth sticking around.


    Learn how we’re revolutionizing on-site food service. Request a demo.




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    *** https://www.forbes.com/sites/victorlipman/2015/10/10/why-do-employees-leave-their-jobs-new-survey-offers-answers/#7e7386157ea1


    3 foods that boost productivity

    Designer Creative - Thursday, December 28, 2017

    Everyone has ups and downs when it comes to their work. But if you feel like you've been dragging recently, making some quick additions to your diet might be just the boost you need to get back on track. Check out our top three favorite "superfoods" to help you stay energized and focused in the workplace: 





    Not only does green tea provide powerful antioxidants, it's also a natural energy booster without negative side effects. 





    The caffeine in dark chocolate comes in handy for feeling more energetic, and it can help you focus as well. Plus, it contains magnesium, a natural stress reliever. 





    Grab a banana to get your daily dose of energy-enhancing glucose without unneeded carbs. It'll fill you up as a snack between meals, helping you concentrate on your work instead of your next meal.


    And the very best part of these productivity-boosting foods: You can find all three in your Burch Micro-Market.


    Source. INC.com