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3 questions to ask when evaluating your organization’s breakroom

Designer Creative - Monday, December 03, 2018


As your company evolves, your needs change. So a breakroom that once fit your organization perfectly may no longer be as effective. To review whether your breakroom is accomplishing what it should, start with these three questions.

1.Is your organization operating at optimal productivity?

There are many factors that influence employee productivity, and you can’t control all of them. But there are several you can control – and they start in your break room. The right food service solution keeps employees on-site, providing fresh food options 24/7 to bolster focus and efficiency, which in turn equals more productivity. It’s a win-win.

2.Is employee turnaround high at your company?

With unemployment rates low, it becomes even more important to distinguish your company from other employers when it comes to retaining current employees and recruiting new hires. On-site food service and office coffee programs are well-recognized as employee benefits – if they offer what employees are looking for. Adding food-based perks is proven to increase employee satisfaction and make them less likely to take a job with another company. Plus, having on-site meal options where employees eat together helps cement workplace relationships.

3.Is your organization’s workforce healthy?

Making healthier food options, like fresh fruits, vegetables and salads available on-site supports employees as they strive to achieve personal health goals, and also may have a positive effect on your bottom line by lowering company health insurance costs. When your workforce is healthier, they’re also happier, more energetic and more productive – all of which benefits your business.

If your current food service company isn’t supporting your organization’s goals, there’s a better solution. A customizable Burch Market helps improve productivity, morale and employee health.


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How a wellness program can lower absenteeism

Designer Creative - Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The U.S. Dept. of Labor estimates that on any given day, three percent of an employer’s workforce is absent. It comes at a high price – about 21% of total payroll each year – and the affect is even greater when taking into account lost productivity, decreased morale and temporary labor costs.


Topping the list of reasons why employees miss work is illness. From seasonal viruses to chronic diseases, employee health takes a major toll on missed work. But there is something you can do to combat it. Workplace wellness programs have been shown to reduce absenteeism for a variety of reasons, including:


    • - Lowering stress among workers
        • - Promoting positive, long-term health behaviors
          • - Controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels
    • - Decreasing obesity
    All of that leads to a healthier workforce, and ultimately, fewer sick days. Burch Food Services partners with organizations to promote wellness programs through healthy break room food service solutions. Explore what that could mean for your business: http://www.burchfood.com/wellness.html


    How employees taking lunch benefits your organization

    Designer Creative - Thursday, March 29, 2018


    When growing a business, employee turnover rates and productivity levels are major concerns. As you look for ways to retain employees and increase efficiency, you may be overlooking a simple solution: lunch.


    On-site breakrooms with a variety of food options promote a strong company culture. Here is how regular lunch breaks produce better employees:



    Workers accomplish more.


    A full day of work takes a toll both physically and mentally. Toward the end of the day, energy levels drop and productivity wanes.


    An early afternoon break allows the brain and body to rest for a bit, and a healthy meal provides nutrients to keep employees alert and focused throughout the afternoon. The Staples Advantage Workplace Index reports that 76 percent of employers and workers recognize an increase in productivity following a break. Employees return to their jobs energized and ready to face the afternoon’s tasks.


    Workers are happier.


    Lunch breaks allow employees to unwind and relieve stress. Getting away from a to-do list lets the mind refocus, so projects don’t seem so daunting. This is especially true if workers dine with friends, discussing ideas and sharing laughs.


    Decreased stress leads to higher job satisfaction, improved loyalty and an overall stronger team. As an added bonus, happy workers are 12 percent more productive, according to a University of Warwick study.


    Providing an on-site dining solution gives your employees a convenient location to take lunch without having to face crowded parking lots or long drive-thru lines. Find out how Burch Food Services can create customized dining options for your organization. Schedule a Micro-Market demo today.


    3 reasons a breakroom food service program is great for employees

    Designer Creative - Saturday, February 24, 2018

    It’s late in the evening. Your stomach is growling, and a project deadline is fast approaching. You could possibly step away for a few minutes, but running out for fast food and dealing with traffic isn’t viable.


    Your only option is to power through until you finish, knowing your focus and quality of work will be lower than usual.


    Unfortunately, this scenario can be a real-life dilemma for many employees. And those who frequently work long or extra hours without compensation can develop employee burnout. According to Kronos Inc., 95% of human resource leaders surveyed said employee burnout is destroying workforce retention.*


    An easy solution for keeping employees motivated, even during the busy season, is a breakroom food service program.


    Increase morale
    In a survey of full-time professionals conducted by Seamless, 57 percent** said they would feel more appreciated by their employers if they had food-based perks. That doesn’t necessarily mean food should be free. Simply giving your workforce easy access to a range of high-quality snacks and beverages can make a substantial difference in their moods. Plus, your workforce is more likely to stay on-site during lunch breaks if they have access to a variety of food options.


    Build internal relations
    In the same Seamless survey, one out of every two participants said that sharing a meal with another staff member fosters better working relationships.** When employees feel comfortable communicating with each other, they find work more relaxing and beneficial. Stocked breakrooms encourage conversation, breaking down barriers that might stall productivity.


    Improve employee retention

    According to Forbes, employees who are happy and have good relationships in the workplace are less likely to jump ship – saving you money trying to find and train replacements.*** In fact, in the Seamless survey, 41 percent said that food perks with their current employer would deter them from accepting an offer from another company.**


    Opting for a food service program in your organization’s breakroom is an excellent way to thank your workforce for their dedication and to convince new employees that it’s worth sticking around.


    Learn how we’re revolutionizing on-site food service. Request a demo.




    **Seamless (https://pages.c.seamless.com/foodintheworkplace2014survey.html)


    *** https://www.forbes.com/sites/victorlipman/2015/10/10/why-do-employees-leave-their-jobs-new-survey-offers-answers/#7e7386157ea1