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Product Spotlight: Tribe Tea

Designer Creative - Thursday, September 08, 2016



Burch Food Services proudly offers Tribe Tea as part of our Micro-Markets program. These ready-to-drink teas use real-brewed green or black teas with natural flavoring and pure cane sugar - and no high-fructose corn syrup or preservatives. 


Not only that, but tea - especially green tea - can offer a variety of health benefits. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamin C, which can provide energy bursts, give your brain a boost and even help prevent infections.


Check out Tribe Tea flavors like Peach, Lemon and Raspberry in your breakroom vending machine, or contact us if you'd like to add Tribe Tea to your beverage offerings. 


Stick to it: Healthy Eating 101

Designer Creative - Thursday, August 25, 2016

Overwhelming. That may be the best way to describe the innumerable diet programs available today. Newsflash: Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated. It's all about feeling great, having more energy and improving our outlook. To achieve that, you need consistency. That can be hard to accomplish when you're on-the-go, busy with life and work. 


These helpful tips can help you cut through the clutter of diet options, choose the best choice for your lifestyle and stick with it no matter how crazy life gets. 


Tip 1: Set the stage for success

Cut back on trans fats by eating fresh foods versus frozen foods. Compare nutrition labels (Burch makes this easy with our Balanced Choices product labeling) and drink plenty of water.


Tip 2: Everything in moderation

Think smaller portions, take your time eating, eat with others whenever possible and try not to think of certain foods as off-limits. 


Tip 3: Reduce sugar

Look for low- or no-sugar options, especially in beverages. A bottle of Tribe Tea has 1/3 the sugars in some sodas - and it's packed with vitamin C!


Tip 4: Eat lots of different colors

Surviving on lettuce alone isn't a pretty prospect no matter who you are. Branch out to other fruits and vegetables like corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, berries or squash. The more colorful your diet, the healthier it is. 


Tip 5: Bulk up on fiber

Fiber makes your strong! Good sources include whole grains, oatmeal, beans, nuts and citrus fruits. 


It's simple. You are what you eat. Why not eat foods that will make you healthier, happier and stronger? Explore all the healthy eating options from Burch Food Services today! 






Eat like a super hero

Designer Creative - Tuesday, August 16, 2016


We've all heard the old "apple-a-day" maxim. But apples aren't the only produce that can help keep you healthy.

Introducing: SUPER FOODS


They may not have super powers like invisibility or flying, but these fresh fruits and veggies pack a powerful punch when it comes to vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Along with boosting your immune system, they've been proven to minimize cell damage that can lead to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and more. 


Super Food 1: Purple Grapes

Dark-colored grapes are full of phytochemicals, antioxidants that may help protect against cancer and heart disease. Bonus super power: they're great for your immune system too! 


Super Food 2: Spinach

Spinach makes a great addition to a salad, providing a huge dose of vitamin K to help build strong bones, and vitamin A to boost your immune system. 


Super Food 3: Carrots

Bugs Bunny was on to something. Carrots are nutrient-packed with phytochemicals as well. Vitamin A is the super power in this super food. 


Look for these and other super foods in Burch Food Service's Micro-Markets and Fresh to You vending program options online at www.burchfood.com


4 easy energy boosters

Designer Creative - Friday, July 29, 2016

When it comes to boosting energy, not all snacks are created equal. Highly processed foods may provide quick calories, but they also lead to energy crashes.   Snacks that are energy-efficient help balance high-quality calories with the nutrients needed for lasting energy.

Not only do certain nutrient-packed snacks keep you energized, they can naturally boost your mood, improve memory and keep you healthier overall. Almonds, bananas, wheat crackers and yogurt are just a few examples, offering a range of nutritional benefits from Vitamin B to protein to fiber.

Check out more healthy options in your break room, or learn about our balanced choices with Better For You here.