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Eat like a super hero

Designer Creative - Tuesday, August 16, 2016


We've all heard the old "apple-a-day" maxim. But apples aren't the only produce that can help keep you healthy.

Introducing: SUPER FOODS


They may not have super powers like invisibility or flying, but these fresh fruits and veggies pack a powerful punch when it comes to vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Along with boosting your immune system, they've been proven to minimize cell damage that can lead to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and more. 


Super Food 1: Purple Grapes

Dark-colored grapes are full of phytochemicals, antioxidants that may help protect against cancer and heart disease. Bonus super power: they're great for your immune system too! 


Super Food 2: Spinach

Spinach makes a great addition to a salad, providing a huge dose of vitamin K to help build strong bones, and vitamin A to boost your immune system. 


Super Food 3: Carrots

Bugs Bunny was on to something. Carrots are nutrient-packed with phytochemicals as well. Vitamin A is the super power in this super food. 


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4 easy energy boosters

Designer Creative - Friday, July 29, 2016

When it comes to boosting energy, not all snacks are created equal. Highly processed foods may provide quick calories, but they also lead to energy crashes.   Snacks that are energy-efficient help balance high-quality calories with the nutrients needed for lasting energy.

Not only do certain nutrient-packed snacks keep you energized, they can naturally boost your mood, improve memory and keep you healthier overall. Almonds, bananas, wheat crackers and yogurt are just a few examples, offering a range of nutritional benefits from Vitamin B to protein to fiber.

Check out more healthy options in your break room, or learn about our balanced choices with Better For You here.