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Why We're Thankful This Thanksgiving

Designer Creative - Friday, November 18, 2016

This holiday, we’re sharing moments of thankfulness from the Burch Food Services’ team. From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving.



Steven H. Burch, President/CEO

For over four decades now, we’ve been proudly delivering food service solutions to the Midwest’s workforce. I’m incredibly thankful for the continued opportunity to fulfill that mission, and for the wonderful people we’ve met along the way.


Shannan Burton, Regional Manager

I’m so grateful for connections I’ve formed over the years with customers and team members alike. Working alongside such strong, driven individuals is an amazing experience, and seeing the end result of our efforts makes everything worthwhile.


Valada Harp, Human Resources Director

In my role, I have an opportunity to see firsthand the importance of teamwork and positive thinking. Working alongside goal-oriented people who give their best is an amazing experience that I am thankful for each day.


Steve Edmaiston, Compliance Manager

Seeing how far we’ve come as an industry and as a company is incredible to me. It motivates me to continue striving for the very best results, and I’m grateful for a career that allows me to do that.


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Three reasons employees should eat together

Designer Creative - Thursday, November 10, 2016



Food brings people together. It’s true with family. It’s true with friends. And it’s true with coworkers as well. But if your employees are leaving the building as soon as lunch begins, it may be costing your business in more ways than one – including decreasing efficiency and productivity.


Providing a friendly break room environment with convenient access to great food has been proven to boost bottom lines. Here’s how.



It builds relationships, and helps decrease turn over

When employees eat together, they’re likely to fill the time in between connecting over personal stories. This off-work communication creates camaraderie amongst your team, building meaningful relationships that help reduce employee turnover in the long run.



It improves communication and efficiency

Becoming more comfortable and connected off the line leads to more positive communication and better problem solving on the line.



It can increase productivity

Research shows that employees who stay onsite during lunch take shorter breaks and reach higher levels of productivity faster than those who leave the workplace for meals.


Interested in learning how you can better keep employees onsite during breaks? Ask us how here.


Our Employees are Vital for Our Success

Designer Creative - Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Every day, our employees work hard creating the food that keeps us and our clients going. It's because of valuable employees like you that Burch is well-respected amongst breakroom vendors.


Here are the top five qualities we love about our employees: 


5. Dependable

We know we can count on all of you to effectively showcase Burch. Time and time again we're impressed with the work all of you continue to expend and the quality of service we continue to see. 


4. Prized Integrity

Burch is glad we have such trustworthy employees that demand our food production reach the high standards for which we've come to be known. 


3. Versatile

Most of you have many tasks and show us many times the level of expertise you are able to quickly develop. We highly value your ability to quickly switch responsibilities and adapt as our production changes and grows. 


2. Positive Attitude

We understand that sometimes work can be overwhelming, but Burch employees never let is how. 


1. Great Representatives

Our community knows and respects Burch because of your engagement with the area. We continue to value your dedication to Burch's local identity. 


As always, we're thrilled to see how our employees will continue to represent us as Burch represents their work. 

Thank you for your continued support and outstanding service! 


Fall into Healthy Eating Habits

Designer Creative - Wednesday, October 12, 2016


As the weather cools off, robust and delicious foods come into the limelight. 


During the autumn months, a large array of fruits and veggies are ripe and ready for the taking. Some of our favorites not only taste great, they're good for you as well: 


Apples: The perfect fall crop. Apples are rich in vitamin B, a key component to energy production in the body. If you're feeling sluggish, combine sliced apples, celery, walnuts and peanut butter with a bed of lettuce to make a quick and easy Waldorf salad. 


Pumpkin: There's more to pumpkin than spice! Pumpkins are classified as a super food, and can pack a healthy punch in meals. Rich in fiber, loading up on pumpkin will make you feel full longer. Pair a homemade pumpkin soup with a jalapeño pimento sandwich from your breakroom Micro-Market for a healthy lunch. 


Broccoli: Everybody's favorite little trees. Broccoli has been a staple food in American for a long time and is a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin E. If you're craving some comfort, try Cream of Broccoli soup from the Culinary Center at Burch Food Services.


Carrots: Did you know that just a handful of baby carrots counts as one serving of vegetables? Try a side of carrots and zesty ranch for a delightfully crunchy snack. 


Looking for more food inspiration? Check out this month's Chef's Select featured foods from Burch Food Services at www.burchfood.com/fresh-food

Full of Service, Full of Solutions

Designer Creative - Thursday, October 06, 2016


When is a full-service dining center right for your workforce?


On-site dining centers provide a wide range of benefits to businesses of all types - from manufacturing to healthcare to higher education. These full-service solutions offer advantages beyond great food choices, including:


Increased Productivity

Employees take less time than eating off-site, hold meetings and exchange ideas during onsite meals. 

Recruitment & Retention Benefits

Quality food service is an amenity; studies have shown it can directly contribute to workforce job satisfaction. In addition, it offers employees a wide variety of food at a better value than outside competition. 


Improved Security & Safety

Provides a safer and more secure work environment than off-site dining options.


Enhanced Employee Camaraderie & Morale

Provides a place for the workforce to socialize, building a rapport and sense of team.


Multi-Functional Space

Dining facilities can serve as a communications center for organization-wide activities, showcasing new initiatives and programs, hosting celebrations and more. 


Health & Wellness

Allows organizations to promote healthy food choices and bolster internal wellness initiatives, which can lower healthcare costs and lost time from illness. 


Burch Food Service's Dining Centers offer a versatile suite of food service options, including: 

                 -Fresh, nutritious menu options

                 -Restaurant quality selections

                 -Health-conscious programs to support wellness initiatives


Schedule a free demo and learn more today!  


5 Health Benefits of an Easy-to-Find Yellow Berry

Designer Creative - Monday, September 26, 2016

You knew bananas were a fruit, but did you know they are botanically classified as a berry? (Strawberries and raspberries actually are NOT berries in the botanical world!) This isn't the only surprise these yellow berries have in store either. In addition to being an easy grab-and-go meal addition, bananas come with a host of health benefits. 


Fiber fiend: The fiber in bananas helps lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and regulate bowel movements. 


Antioxidant expert: In humans, Carotenoids, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E help bananas protect against some cancers, normalize immune system operations and support the prevention of some diseases. 


Digestible carbs: Upset stomach? Bananas are easier on the digestive track then other similar-sized foods. 


Muscle therapy: Bananas are a great source of fuel for a workout to strenuous activity, and the potassium for which bananas are known can help relieve some muscle discomfort. 


Calorie friendly: Coming in at a little over 100 calories, bananas are weight-loss friendly while still being a satisfying and nutrition-dense treat. 


Snacking Tip:

Combine a banana with two tablespoons of peanut butter for a well-rounded snack of protein, fats and carbs. Use a whole-wheat tortilla for a flavorful wrap. 


Find bananas in your Burch Food Services Micro-Markets or contact Burch today to learn how we can customize your breakroom with healthy and nutritious snacks like bananas. 







Healthy Flavor

Designer Creative - Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Kick your next meal up a notch by adding a little spice to your diet - you'll enjoy more than just enhanced flavor. 


Spices like chili peppers, cayenne, turmeric and red pepper flakes pack a healthy punch of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, spicy food has been shown to: 


Act as a natural pain reliever

The spicier your food, the more endorphins your body will release to combat the burn. Endorphins can ease pain in joints and muscles, making them great for pain relief all over your body. 


Boost weight loss

Spicy food may help burn calories and suppress your appetite, which can lead to weight loss. This effect varies by person, but if you're looking to lose weight, spices are usually low- to no-calorie but give food an extra kick of flavor.


Suppress allergies

Ever hear people sniffle after eating a hot wing? Spicy food can act as a decongestant, naturally loosening clogged nasal passages and making it easier for you to breathe. 


Wondering how to take advantage of these spicy benefits? 


Red pepper flakes go great with pizza and pasta, and turmeric, found in curry powder and some mustards, pairs well with chicken and rice. And for a fast and easy lunch fix, check out Burch Food Service's Spicy Chicken Breast sandwich, Homemade Chili or Jalapeño Charbroil with Cheese. 


Ask us how you can spice up your employee breakroom today with custom, spicy options. 



Pay your way

Designer Creative - Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Employees now have more convenient access than ever to great food in the workplace with expanded payment options. 


At Burch Food Services, we're committed to breaking the break room stereotype. We understand the role food service plays in the day-to-day success of a business - from employee satisfaction, to productivity to health and wellness. That's why we're proud to bring not only delicious, nutritious food options to your workforce, but also even easier ways to access it. 


Our Fresh to You vending program and Micro-Markets offer a variety of payment options, including: 


          -Mobile phone wallet pay

          -Debit/credit cards

          -Kiosk-based solutions

          -Traditional cash/coin


What does this mean for your business? Cashless payment options make onsite food service faster and more convenient, allowing your employees to enjoy delicious, healthy options without leaving the workplace. Burch Food Services innovation, powered by USA Technologies. 


Interested in new payment options for your break room? Contact us today


Product Spotlight: Tribe Tea

Designer Creative - Thursday, September 08, 2016



Burch Food Services proudly offers Tribe Tea as part of our Micro-Markets program. These ready-to-drink teas use real-brewed green or black teas with natural flavoring and pure cane sugar - and no high-fructose corn syrup or preservatives. 


Not only that, but tea - especially green tea - can offer a variety of health benefits. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamin C, which can provide energy bursts, give your brain a boost and even help prevent infections.


Check out Tribe Tea flavors like Peach, Lemon and Raspberry in your breakroom vending machine, or contact us if you'd like to add Tribe Tea to your beverage offerings. 


Stick to it: Healthy Eating 101

Designer Creative - Thursday, August 25, 2016

Overwhelming. That may be the best way to describe the innumerable diet programs available today. Newsflash: Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated. It's all about feeling great, having more energy and improving our outlook. To achieve that, you need consistency. That can be hard to accomplish when you're on-the-go, busy with life and work. 


These helpful tips can help you cut through the clutter of diet options, choose the best choice for your lifestyle and stick with it no matter how crazy life gets. 


Tip 1: Set the stage for success

Cut back on trans fats by eating fresh foods versus frozen foods. Compare nutrition labels (Burch makes this easy with our Balanced Choices product labeling) and drink plenty of water.


Tip 2: Everything in moderation

Think smaller portions, take your time eating, eat with others whenever possible and try not to think of certain foods as off-limits. 


Tip 3: Reduce sugar

Look for low- or no-sugar options, especially in beverages. A bottle of Tribe Tea has 1/3 the sugars in some sodas - and it's packed with vitamin C!


Tip 4: Eat lots of different colors

Surviving on lettuce alone isn't a pretty prospect no matter who you are. Branch out to other fruits and vegetables like corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, berries or squash. The more colorful your diet, the healthier it is. 


Tip 5: Bulk up on fiber

Fiber makes your strong! Good sources include whole grains, oatmeal, beans, nuts and citrus fruits. 


It's simple. You are what you eat. Why not eat foods that will make you healthier, happier and stronger? Explore all the healthy eating options from Burch Food Services today!