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3 great benefits of an on-site Market

Designer Creative - Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  1. What does mealtime look like for your employees? If their only options are drive-thrus or vending machines, your organization is missing out. An on-site Market offering fresh food provides a variety of benefits, including these:


1) More work time


If you’re not offering meal options on-site, employees spend most of their lunch break braving crowded parking lots and waiting in drive-thru lines. Running late is common. With a convenient Market, employees eat a hassle-free meal and get back to work quicker with fewer distractions, improving productivity.


2) Employee connections


A 2016 Gallup poll found that people with friends at work are 43 percent more likely to receive praise for a job well done. Relationships with co-workers keep employees connected, increasing their loyalty to an organization. An on-site Market encourages these connections, which enhances workplace culture.


3) Improved bottom line


  1. Bringing a Market to your organization may result in
    - increased productivity
    - improved employee health
    - cost savings
    - better employee retention



Curious about what a breakroom Market entails? Find out by signing up for a free demo here.